George R.R. Martin

A Clash Of Kings

Spectra (Bantam) (Sep 05, 2011)
| Mass Market Paperback
1040 pages | English
Dewey 813.54


  • Dragons
  • Epic Fantasy
  • Speculative Fiction
  • Zombies


  • Civil War
  • Fantasy
  • Fantasy Fiction
  • Imaginary Places
  • Seven Kingdoms (Imaginary Place)


The Iron Throne once united the Sunset Lands, but King Robert is dead, his widow is a traitor to his memory, and his surviving brothers are set on a path of war amongst themselves. At King’s Landing, the head of Lord Eddard Stark rots on a spike for all to see. His daughter Sansa is betrothed still to his killer’s son Joffrey - Queen Cersei’s son, though not the son of her late husband Robert. Even so, Joffrey is now a boy-king, Cersei is his regent, and war is inevitable. The first rule of war is never give the enemy his wish. But winter will be the biggest enemy. From beyond the Wall the undead and Others clamour for freedom, and from beyond the sea the long-dead Dragon King’s daughter hatches her revenge. Robb Stark will be exceedingly lucky to reach adulthood.