Michelle LeDuff Collins

The Thin Book of 360 Feedback

Thin Book Publishing (Aug 01, 2000)
99 pages | 220 x 140 mm | English


  • 360-degree Feedback (Rating Of Employees)
  • Business & Economics / Human Resources & Personnel Management
  • Business & Economics / Management
  • Employees
  • Leadership


This book serves as an easy to read and follow guide to the 360 or multi-rater feedback process. The brand or type of 360 available to you doesn't matter; this guide identifies the important commonalities and key points and will help you maximize the benefits of the process. The book includes useful, "just-in-time" information. For those who are actually participating in a 360, the book offers concrete suggestions about choosing raters and making the most of the information you receive. We hope that you will finish the book with several good ideas on how to use your 360 results.