Mark R. Levin

Rediscovering Americanism

And The Tyranny Of Progressivism

Threshold Editions (Jul 04, 2017)
| Hardcover
265 pages | 221 x 147 mm | English


So begins Rediscovering Americanism, a searing plea by #1 New York Timrs bestselling author Mark R. Levin for a return to America's most sacred values. In stunning fashion, Levin revisits the Founders' ideal of limited government based on natural law-and their frequent warnings about the perils of overreach by the federal government-and he concludes that the Founders would be outraged and disappointed th see where we've ended up. Levin condems th scourge of creeping progressivism and excoriates the statists and progressives for making the Founder's ideals less and less achievable with each year and each so-called victory. He knows how progressivism seeks to refute the American heritage of individual liberty and completely overhaul modern life, growing into a government with no limits and leading into a new age of authoritarianism, far from the Founder's dream of a limited government as deliniated in the Constitution.