Christina Stead, David Malouf

A Little Tea, A Little Chat

Text Publishing (May 16, 2017)
| Paperback
320 pages | 197 x 131 mm | English


'Ever since his early manhood, since his marriage, he had bought women; most had been bargains and most had made delivery at once. He never paid in advance- 'I got no time for futures in women'.' New York, on the cusp of World War II. Robert Grant, a middle-aged businessman, lives life by his own rules. His chief hobbies are moneymaking and seduction; he is always on the hunt for the next woman to beguile and betray. That is, until he meets his match- Barbara, the 'blondine', a woman he cannot best. A sardonic commentary on sexual relations and war as potent as when it was first published in 1948, A Little Tea, a Little Chat holds up a mirror to the corruption and cravenness of our late-capitalist moment.