2000 AD: Annual Programs #2000

Rel: Dec 15, 1999 - Pub: Jan 2000
Science Fiction
Modern Age | Black & White / Color | United Kingdom | English
Magazine | 100 pages

First 'Annual Prog' celebrating the best 2000AD talent from the last 22 years. Chronologically, the issue follows prog 1173. The stories continue in the first issue of 2000 (prog 1174).

Original Strontium Dog creators (John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra) reunite for a tale from Johnny Alpha's past, Dave Gibbons returns for a final 'chronological' Rogue Trooper story and Pat Mills writes the very last Nemesis the Warlock adventure (with art from original co-creator Kevin O'Neill).

Cover: Brian Bolland (stars of 2000AD)

Judge Dredd - Future Crimes (John Wagner - Mike McMahon)
Rogue Trooper - Remembrance Day (John Tomlinson - Dave Gibbons)
ABC Warriors - Roadkill (Pat Mills - Kevin Walker)
Data Bytes - Zenith (art: Steve Yeowell)
Nikolai Dante - Love and War (Robbie Morrison - Simon Fraser)
Strontium Dog - The Kreeler Conspiracy (part 1) (John Wagner - Carlos Ezquerra)
Data Bytes - Bad Company (art: Brett Ewins)
Tharg's Thrill Power Death-Match (article)
Slaine - Beyond (Pat Mills - Greg Staples)
Sinister Dexter - Exit Wounds (Dan Abnett - Simon Davis)
Nemesis the Warlock - book ten: The Final Conflict (part 10 - final part) (Pat Mills - Kevin O'Neill)
Glimmer Rats (prologue) (Gordon Rennie - Mark Harrison)
ABC Warriors poster (art: Ashley Wood)
Judge Dredd - Old Pal's Act (Alan Grant - Cam Kennedy)

Creators View all

Writer Pat Mills, John Wagner, John Tomlinson
Artist Dave Gibbons, Mike McMahon, Steve Yeowell, Kevin Walker
Cover Artist Brian Bolland
Editor Tharg the Mighty

Characters View all

Judge Dredd (Joseph Dredd)
Zenith (Robert McDowell)
Rogue (2000 AD)