2000 AD: Annual Programs #2012

Rel: Dec 14, 2011 - Pub: Dec 2011
Action, Adventure, Anthology, Futuristic, Science Fiction
Modern Age | Black & White / Color | United Kingdom | English
Magazine | 100 pages | $10.00

2000 AD celebrates the festive season with another spectacular 100-page year-end issue, with a brand-new line-up of stories from a stunning line-up of writers and artists. It's the beginning of the end for the Nikolai Dante saga; Strontium Dog Johnny Alpha has returned from the dead, but what about his mind; meet the team enforcing the law among Earth's alien population; Inspector Harry Absalom takes some time from policing the paranormal for a chat with an old enemy; plus the usual seasonal future cop action from Judge Dredd!

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Scripter John Wagner, Gordon Rennie, Robbie Morrison, Dan Abnett, Al Ewing, Alec Worley, Cat Sullivan
Artist John Higgins, Leigh Gallagher, Anthony Williams, Simon Fraser, Carlos Ezquerra, Jon Davis-Hunt, Karl Richardson, Tiernen Trevallion, Hector Ezquerra, Cat Sullivan
Colorist Gary Caldwell, Dylan Teague, Comicstripper Studio, Sally Hurst, Sally J Hurst, Comicstripper Studio
Letterer Annie Parkhouse, Ellie deVille, Simon Bowland, Ellie De Ville
Cover Artist Greg Staples

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Johnny Alpha
Wulf Sternhammer
Judge Dredd (Joseph Dredd)
Finnigan Sinister
Ramone Dexter
Nikolai Dante
Precious Matson
Elena Kurakin
Sinister (Malone)
Ramone A.W. Dexter
Dmitri Romanov
Gene Hackman
Dante (The Pirate Queen)
Tsarina Jena Makarov
Romanov (Lord Protector)
Lulu Romanov
Absalom (Harry Absalom)
Miss Deeds
Hopkins (Jemima Hopkins)
Dr Spartacus Dandridge
Middenface McNulty