2000 AD: The Ultimate Collection #32HC


Rel: Oct 10, 2018 - Pub:
Hachette Partworks
2000 AD Books
Anthology, Fantasy, Super-Heroes
Modern Age | Color | United Kingdom | English
Collected Edition Hardcover
Hardcover | 240 pages | $9.99

CELTIC WARRIOR SLÁINE AND HIS BAND 0F ADVENTURERS HAVE ENTERED THE TOMB 0F the Dark God Grimnismal, who is stirring from his slumber. The fate of humanity is at stake should the Star Being awaken and break free from his sarcophagus — and the barbarian must battle through hordes of Cythron servants to stop it...

More stunning fantasy action from writer Pat Mills (Charleys War) and artists Glenn Fabry (Preacher), David Pugh (Loner), Mike Collins (Judge Dredd) and more!

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Scripter Pat Mills
Artist David Pugh, Mark Farmer, Glenn Fabry, Mike Collins, Nik Williams
Letterer Steve Potter
Editor Matt Smith