Action Comics, Vol. 3 #1006A

Invisible Mafia, Part 6

Rel: Jan 02, 2019 - Pub: Mar 2019
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Regular Ryan Sook Cover
Comic | 32 pages | $3.99

The Red Cloud sets her sights on someone close to Superman, but how can the Man of Steel stop a villain he can't touch? As the invisible mafia controlling Metropolis' underworld steps more into the light, its leader finally stands revealed with a secret that will have massive implications for Superman and Clark Kent!

Creators View all

Writer Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller Ryan Sook
Inker Ryan Sook
Colorist Brad Anderson
Letterer Josh Reed
Cover Artist Ryan Sook
Editor Brian Cunningham, Mike Cotton, Jessica Chen
Editor in Chief Robert Harras

Characters View all

Perry White
Superman (Kal-El / Clark Kent)
James Bartholomew 'Jimmy' Olsen
Melody Moore
Mr. Strong
Red Cloud (Robinson Goode)