Action Comics, Vol. 1 #411

The Day They Sold Superman's Fortress / Eclipso, The Genius Who Fought Himself / The Girl Who Worshipped Clark Kent

Apr 1972
Bronze Age / USA / English
Comic / 52 pages / $0.25


WriterLeo Dorfman
PencillerCurt Swan, John Calnan
InkerMurphy Anderson
Cover ArtistNick Cardy
EditorMurray Boltinoff


Eclipso (Bruce Gordon)
Supergirl (Kara / Linda Zor-El / Lee Danvers)
Superman (Kal-El / Clark Kent)
Lorna Martin
T.J. Pearson


The Day They Sold Superman's Fortress: A big oil company leases a huge tract of arctic coastline to prospect for fossil fuels, and stumbles across Superman's private fortress. An attorney tells Superman that the lease legally covers his fortress - and it's contents! How can he protect his treasures and his secrets from it's determined new owner?
Eclipso, The Genius Who Fought Himself: Bruce Gordon, genius scientist, is overcome by strange powers, and uncontrollable dark forces of destruction - his alter ego, Eclipso! His origin is retold as Bruce struggles to preserve his accomplishments from his other self.
The Girl who Worshipped Clark Kent: This untold chapter in Clark's life reveals a secret romance from his college days - and the even greater secrets of a mysterious and beautiful woman!