Adventure Time Comics #20B

Rel: Feb 21, 2018 - Pub: Feb 2018
Adventure, Anthology, Children, Fantasy
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Subscription Cover
Comic | 32 pages | $3.99

Finn and Jake get a glimpse into their friends' minds. Ooo tries to throw its first annual garage sale - and it does not end well.

Creators View all

Writer James Asmus, Jason Cooper, Chase Van Weerduizen, Emei Olivia Burell
Artist Reimena Yee, Jenna Ayoub, Cristina Rose Chua, Emei Olivia Burell
Letterer Mike Fiorentino
Cover Artist Matt Frank
Editor Whitney Leopard, Katalina Holland, Michael Moccio

Characters View all

Finn the Human
Jake the Dog
Princess Bubblegum (Bonnibel Bubblegum)
Tree Trunks
Cinnamon Bun
Peppermint Butler
Lady Rainicorn
Marceline the Vampire Queen (Marceline Abadeer)
Ice King (Simon Petrikov)
Susan Strong
Party Pat
Gunter [kaboom]
Raggedy Princess