Adventures of the Super Sons #6

Tomorrow Sometimes Dies

Rel: Jan 09, 2019 - Pub: Mar 2019
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Comic | 32 pages | $3.99

The Super Sons are lost in time and space! On the run from the Gang and trapped on the Planet of Secrets and Mystery, Superboy and Robin have lost everything and gotten a glimpse of how their tomorrows may end. When the planet's mysterious creator returns for his broken creation, the boys find out that tomorrow sucks as much as yesterday!

Creators View all

Writer Peter J. Tomasi
Penciller Scott Godlewski
Inker Scott Godlewski
Colorist Protobunker Studio, Protobunker Studio
Letterer Rob Leigh
Cover Artist Dan Mora
Editor Marie Javins, Paul Kaminski, Andrew Marino
Editor in Chief Robert 'Bob' Harras

Characters View all

Tommy Tomorrow
Robin (Damian Wayne)
Superboy (Jon Kent)
Joker Jr.
Rex Luthor