Age of Apocalypse, Vol. 2 #1B

Secret Wars

Rel: Jul 08, 2015 - Pub: Jul 2015
Action, Adventure, Super-Heroes
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Andy Clarke 1:20 Promo Cover
Comic | 36 pages | $4.99

SECRET WARS SERIES - His war has been won. The few humans left alive are enslaved, the mutant rebellion crushed. EN SABAH NUR, the APOCALYPSE, rules his BATTLEWORLD kingdom without mercy, but the terrorist X-MEN plan to end his reign. Success means finding one very special mutant named CYPHER and unleashing a weapon that will kill Apocalypse -- and possibly all mutants, too! Rated T+

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Writer Fabian Nicieza
Artist Gerardo Sandoval
Colorist David Curiel
Cover Artist Andy Clarke