All-Star Batman #5A


My Own Worst Enemy, Finale

Feb 2017 / Regular John Romita Jr Cover
Modern Age / USA / English
Comic / 40 pages / $4.99

Creators — View More ↓

ScripterScott Snyder
PencillerJohn Romita Jr.
InkerDanny Miki, Richard Friend
ColoristDean White
LettererSteve Wands
Cover PencillerJohn Romita Jr.
Cover InkerDanny Miki
Cover ColoristDean White
EditorMark Doyle, Rebecca Taylor
InkerSandra Hope, Tom Palmer
EditorDave Wielgosz

Characters — View More ↓

Alfred Pennyworth
Harvey Bullock
Two-Face (Harvey Dent)
Black Mask (Roman Sionis)
Great White Shark (Warren White)
KGBeast (Anatoli Knyazev)
Tweedledee (Deever Tweed)
James 'Jim' Gordon
Tweedledum (Dumfree Tweed)
Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Duke Thomas
Penguin (Oswald C. Cobblepot)


"MY OWN WORST ENEMY" conclusion! Batman, Duke and Two-Face square off in a fight for Harvey Dent's soul. With assassins flooding in from across the countryside, Batman learns that even his most trusted allies might choose evil over good.