Angel: Season 11 #4A

Out Of The Past, Part Four

Apr 2017 / Regular Scott Fischer Cover
Modern Age / USA / English
Comic / 28 pages / $3.99


ScripterCorinna Bechko
ArtistGeraldo Borges
ColoristMichelle Madsen
LettererJimmy Betancourt, Richard Starkings
Cover ArtistScott Fischer
EditorFreddye Miller


First-arc finale of Angel Season 11! Angel is caught facing an unrelenting Illyria of the past, an unrelenting Illyria of the future, and an impending volcanic eruption. For him to save an entire race of demons, satisfy both Illyrias, and get himself and Fred back to the future, he will have to convince at least one of the goddesses to trust someone other than themselves-specifically, him!