Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter in Guilty Pleasures HC #2B

Sep 2008 / Book Market Edition
Modern Age / USA / English
Hardcover / 144 pages / $19.99


WriterJessica Ruffner-Booth, Laurell K. Hamilton
PencillerBrett Booth, Ron Lim
ColoristJune Chung


Written by LAURELL. K. HAMILTON & JESS RUFFNER-BOOTH Penciled by BRETT BOOTH & RON LIM Covers by RON LIM The hit adaptation of Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series continues! What price will Anita pay in order to save her friend's life and solve the Vampire Murders? Will she actually kiss Phillip? How far will Edward go in order to find out where the daytime resting place of the Master Vampires truly is? Where is Jean-Claude? And most important, who is behind the Vampire Murders? What's next for Anita Blake, you ask? The answers to all of those questions are here! Collecting ANITA BLAKE, VAMPIRE HUNTER: GUILTY PLEASURES #7-12. 144 PGS./Parental Advisory ?$19.99 ISBN: 978-0-7851-2580-8