Artifacts TP #2TP

Collects Artifacts (2010) #5-8 and Top Cow Holiday Special (2010 #1, Artifacts, Volume 2

Rel: Sep 21, 2011 - Pub: Sep 2011
Top Cow Productions
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Trade Paperback Edition
Trade Paperback | 144 pages | $14.99

Catch up on the Event of the Year! The dynamic second chapter of the event of the year is collected! Separately, thirteen mystical Artifacts guide the fate of the Universe. Together, thirteen Artifacts will end the Universe. Sara Pezzini and Jackie Estacado's daughter Hope has been taken. The Artifact bearers aligned with the mysterious antagonist are united with a common purpose. Those aligned with Pezzini and Estacado are fractured and lost. And the ruthless assassin Aphrodite IV is manipulating Cyberforce to make sure they stay that way. Written by Top Cow Universe architect Ron Marz (Witchblade, Magdalena) and featuring art by legendary artist Whilce Portacio (The Darkness, X-Men), this volume collects Artifacts #5-#8 along with a beautiful cover gallery, character profiles, a cover process piece, behind-the-scenes extras, and much more! ' It's loud, widescreen comic book mayhem that sticks to the roof of your brain' - 4 out 5 stars - Comic Book Resources '?dramatic and heavy?visually striking?' - Newsarama '?great writing and great art are in perfect tandem.' - Crave Online 'I have a feeling this book is going to be huge.' - 4.5 out of 5 stars - Comic Vine

Creators View all

Writer Ron Marz, Phil Smith
Artist Whilce Portacio
Penciller Whilce Portacio, Alina Urusov
Inker Joe Weems, Marco 'Madman' Galli
Colorist Felix Serrano, Sunny Gho, Arif Prianto
Letterer Troy Peteri
Cover Artist Phil Noto, Whilce Portacio

Characters View all

Ripclaw (Robert Bearclaw)
Ian Nottingham
Velocity (Carin Taylor)
Ballistic (Cassandra Lane)
Heatwave (Dylan Cruise)
Magdalena (Patience)
Julie Pezzini
Aphrodite IV
Hope Pezzini
Witchblade (Sara Pezzini)
Darkness (Jackie Anthony Estacado)
Detective Gleason (Patrick Gleason)
Angelus (Danielle Anastasia Baptiste)
Curator (The Survivor)
Wheel Of Shadows (Sabine)
Cyblade (Dominque Aurore Marie Thiebaut)
Rapture (Thomas Judge)
Angelus Warriors
Clairvoyant (Tilly Grimes)
Cloaker (John Bradley Seals)
Elder Demon Lord (Mali)
Ember Stone (Glorianna Halken SIlver)
Glacier Stone (Michael P. Finnegan)
Hunter-Killer (Ellis Baker)
Hunter-Killer (INterface)
Hunter-Killer (Samantha Argent)
Hunter-Killer (Wolf)
Necromancer (Abigail Van Alstine)
Pandora's Box (Alina Enstrom)