Astonishing X-Men, Vol. 4 #3A

Life of X, Part Three

Rel: Sep 06, 2017 - Pub: Nov 2017
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Regular Ed McGuinness Cover
Comic | 32 pages | $3.99

SHADOW KING SHOWDOWN! •  The X-MEN continue their fight against the SHADOW KING! •  But when OLD MAN LOGAN loses himself in the ASTRAL PLANE and Shadow King's illusions, will he ever find his way back to his teammates? AND WHAT OTHER HORRORS AWAIT OUR TEAM? •  Brought to you by the incomparable ED MCGUINNESS and eXcellent X-Men scribe, Charles Soule, ASTONISHING X-MEN continues to be the X-Book you can't afford to miss. Rated T+

Creators View all

Writer Charles Soule
Penciller Ed McGuinness
Inker Mark Morales
Colorist Jason Keith
Letterer Clayton Cowles
Cover Artist Dave McCaig, Mark Morales, Ed McGuinness
Editor Mark Paniccia, Christina Harrington

Characters View all

Shadow King (Amahl Farouk)
Angel (Warren Worthington III)
Professor X (Charles Francis Xavier)
Bishop (Lucas Bishop)
Psylocke (Elizabeth 'Betsy' Braddock)
Old Man Logan (Earth-807128) (James Howlett)