Avengers: Back to Basics #0TP

Avengers: Back to Basics

Rel: Aug 22, 2018 - Pub:
Comixology Unlimited
Color | USA | English
1st Print
Trade Paperback | 136 pages | $14.99

FIRST TIME IN PRINT! Legendary writer Peter David takes Earth's Mightiest Heroes back to basics - beginning with a terrifying tale of Ragnarok! It could be the end for Thor, Iron Man, the Hulk and the rest of the team - courtesy of the sun-swallowing Fenris Wolf! Only the Avengers can stand in the way of a Norse prophecy of doom! Then, there's double trouble when a Captain Marvel impostor rewrites reality - and our heroes find themselves stuck in an alternate universe! Everything is turned upside down again when Kamala "Ms. Marvel" Khan is thrown into the past and becomes...an original Avenger! But the stakes turn personal when someone close to Kamala gets hurt. With the future (present?) in the balance, Ms. Marvel must face down one of the Avengers' deadliest foes! Rated T+

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Writer Peter David
Penciller Juanan Ramirez, Brian Level
Inker Juanan Ramirez, Brian Level