Avengers vs. X-Men #8A

AvX - Round 8

Rel: Jul 18, 2012 - Pub: Sep 2012
Action, Adventure, Super-Heroes
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Regular Jim Cheung Cover
Comic | 32 pages | $3.99

Last stand in Wakanda as an out-of-control Namor invades this sovereign nation in pursuit of the Avengers! - And a shocking truth stands revealed that may cause fractures in the X-Men's alliance!

Creators View all

Writer Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction, Jason Aaron, Jonathan Hickman, Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller Adam Kubert
Inker John Dell III
Colorist Larry Molinar, Laura Martin
Letterer Chris Eliopoulos
Cover Artist Jim Cheung
Cover Colorist Justin Ponsor
Editor Tom Brevoort, Nick Lowe, Lauren Sankovitch
Editor in Chief Axel Alonso

Characters View all

Black Panther (T'Challa)
Professor X (Charles Francis Xavier)
Cyclops (Scott Summers)
Captain America (Steve Rogers)
Quicksilver (Pietro Maximoff)
Emma Frost
Daredevil (Matt Murdock)
Thunderer (Lei Kung)
Magneto (Max / Erik Magnus Eisenhardt / Lehnsherr)
Spider-Man (Peter Parker)
Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff)
Thor (Thor Odinson)
Falcon (Sam Wilson)
Colossus (Piotr 'Peter' Nikolaievitch Rasputin)
Red Hulk (Thaddeus E. 'Thunderbolt' Ross)
Black Panther (Shuri)
Magik (Illyana Nikolievna Rasputina)
Vision (Victor Shade)
Beast (Henry 'Hank' McCoy)
Sub-Mariner (Namor McKenzie)
Valkyrie (Brunnhilde)
Iron Man (Anthony 'Tony' Stark)
Dr. Strange (Stephen Strange)
Iron Fist (Daniel 'Danny' Rand)
Hope (Hope Summers / Spalding)
Wolverine (Logan / James Howlett)
Thing (Benjamin J. Grimm)