Batman, Vol. 3 #16A


I Am Bane, Part One

Apr 2017 / Regular David Finch, Danny Finich & Jordie Bellaire Cover
Modern Age / USA / English
Comic / 32 pages / $2.99


WriterTom King
ArtistDavid Finch
ColoristJordie Bellaire
LettererJohn Workman
Cover PencillerDavid Finch
Cover InkerDanny Miki
Cover ColoristJordie Bellaire
EditorMark Doyle, Rebecca Taylor

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Alfred Pennyworth
Jason Todd
Damian Wayne
Catwoman (Selina Kyle)
Psycho-Pirate (Roger Hayden)
Jeremiah Arkham
James 'Jim' Gordon
Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Bronze Tiger (Benjamin 'Ben' Turner)
Duke Thomas
Richard 'Dick' Grayson
Claire Clover


"I Am Bane" part one! Bane is coming for Batman. Bruce must keep those he loves safe for five days in order to save Gotham Girl once and for all. But Bane will stop at nothing, and no one is safe. RATED T