Batman, Vol. 3 #7A


Night of the Monster Men - Part 1

Nov 2016 / Regular Yanick Paquette Cover
Modern Age / USA / English
Comic / 32 pages / $2.99


PlotterTom King, Steve Orlando
ScripterSteve Orlando
ArtistRiley Rossmo
PencillerRiley Rossmo
InkerRiley Rossmo
ColoristIvan Plascencia
LettererDeron Bennett
Cover ArtistYanick Paquette
Cover ColoristNathan Fairbairn
EditorMark Doyle, Rebecca Taylor

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Nightwing (Richard 'Dick' Grayson)
Alfred Pennyworth
Clayface (Basil Karlo)
Harvey Bullock
Spoiler (Stephanie Brown)
Hugo Strange
James 'Jim' Gordon
Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Duke Thomas
Orphan (Cassandra Cain)
Batwoman (Katherine 'Kate' Rebecca Kane)


"NIGHT OF THE MONSTER MEN" part 1! The first crossover of the "Rebirth" era is here! As a huge storm approaches, Batman, Batwoman, and Nightwing try and prepare Gotham City for the worst, but nothing can prepare them for enormous tall monsters rampaging through the streets! Batman will need all of his allies to unite in order to stop these mad science monsters from tearing their city apart!