Batwoman, Vol. 1 #14A

World's Finest, Part III: Heart Of Stone

Rel: Nov 21, 2012 - Pub: Jan 2013
Action, Adventure, Super-Heroes
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Comic | 32 pages | $2.99

- The Batwoman/Wonder Woman team-up epic continues! - Batwoman may be out of her league as she chases down Medusa!

Creators View all

Writer J.H. Williams III, W. Haden Blackman
Artist J.H. Williams III
Colorist Dave Stewart
Letterer Todd Klein
Cover Artist J.H. Williams III
Editor Harvey Richards, Mike Marts, Rickey Purdin

Characters View all

Nightwing (Richard 'Dick' Grayson)
Harvey Bullock
Killer Croc (Waylon Jones)
Catwoman (Selina Kyle)
Mr. Freeze (Victor Fries)
Medusa (DC)
Wonder Woman (Diana)
Weeping Woman (Maria Salvaje)
Bloody Mary (Mary Worth)
Falchion (Christopher Falchion)
Ashoth (Rush)
Maro (Maro Ito)
Maggie Sawyer
Batwoman (Kate Kane)