Black Science Premiere Hardcover #1HC-C

Rel: May 16, 2018 - Pub: May 2018
Action, Adventure, Mature, Science Fiction
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Hardcover Oversized Edition
Hardcover | 472 pages | $49.99

    Back in black by popular demand, this remastered edition of BLACK SCIENCE collects the first three arcs of the seminal pulp sci-fi smash hit by RICK REMENDER and MATTEO SCALERA and kicks it into overdrive. Crammed with even more sketches, concept art, and never-before-seen material, this 8"x12" hardcover is the essential Dimensionaut's companion to the Eververse. Collects BLACK SCIENCE #1-16

Creators View all

Writer Rick Remender
Artist Matteo Scalera, Matteo Scalara
Painter Dean White
Colorist Dean White, Michael Spicer, Moreno Dinisio
Letterer Rus Wooton
Cover Artist Matteo Scalera, Dean White, Matteo Scalara
Cover Penciller Matteo Scalera
Editor Sebastian Girner
Cover Painter Matteo Scalera, Dean White

Characters View all

Shaman (Michael Twoyoungmen)
Jennifer (Black Science)
Kadir (Black Science)
Grant McKay
Nathan McKay
Pia McKay
Sara McKay
Shawn (Black Science)
Ward (Black Science)
Nicholas Schmitt
Grant McKay (Alternate Version)
Sara McKay (Alternate Version)
Chandra (Black Science)
Rebecca Dell
Jake Dell
Kadir Aslan (Black Science)
Rebecca Dell (Black Science)
Jen (Black Science) (Jen)
Nicholas Schmidt
Mr. Blokk (Black Science) (Blokk)