Black Science #3A

Rel: Jan 29, 2014 - Pub: Jan 2014
Action, Adventure, Mature, Science Fiction
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Comic | 28 pages | $3.50

Shell-shocked and battered, Grant McKay and his team are stranded on the front lines of the European savages' final standoff against the Sons of the Wakan Tech-Tanka. Will this inverse manifest destiny claim the life of a member of the Anarchist League of Scientists? Or will they be betrayed by one of their own?

Creators View all

Writer Rick Remender
Artist Matteo Scalera
Painter Dean White
Letterer Rus Wooton
Cover Artist Matteo Scalera
Editor Sebastian Girner
Cover Painter Dean White

Characters View all

Kadir (Black Science)
Grant McKay
Nathan McKay
Pia McKay
Shawn (Black Science)
Ward (Black Science)
Nicholas Schmitt
Rebecca Dell