Broken Trinity: Pandora's Box TP #2TP

Collects Broken Trinity (2010) Pandora's Box #1-6, Broken Trinity, Volume 2

Rel: Jul 19, 2011 - Pub: Jul 2011
Top Cow Productions
Action, Adventure, Horror
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Trade Paperback | 160 pages | $19.99

Pandora's Box:
Following in the wake of the climactic events of Broken Trinity, Finn and Glori, the bearers of the Glacier and Ember Stones, return in this pulse-pounding, world-spanning adventure story. When a fanatic cult embarks on a quest to remake the world with the mythical Pandora's Box, Finn and Glori's individual goals of gathering the 13 Artifacts is kicked into overdrive. What follows is a high-octane chase which takes the pair around the world and forces them to confront their destinies.

Creators View all

Writer Rob Levin, Bryan Edward Hill
Artist Facundo Percio, Alessandro Vitti
Colorist Sunny Gho, Arif Prianto, Imaginary Friends Studios
Letterer Troy Peteri
Cover Artist Tommy Lee Edwards

Characters View all

Kenshin Kawakami
Elias Legion
Niko Romanov
Wulfgar Olafsson
Winter King
Ember Stone (Glorianna Halken SIlver)
Glacier Stone (Michael P. Finnegan)
Pandora's Box (Alina Enstrom)