Catwoman, Vol. 2 #68

I'll Take Manhattan, Part 3: Hot In The City

May 1999
Modern Age / USA / English
Comic / 32 pages / $1.99


WriterDevin K. Grayson
PencillerJim Balent
InkerMarlo Alquiza
ColoristRoberta Tewes
LettererAlbert De Guzman
Cover ArtistJim Balent
EditorEddie Berganza


Catwoman (Selina Kyle)
Bonny Hoffman
Carmen Leno
Lady Vic (Elaine Marsh-Morton)
Gunhawk (Liam Hawksleigh)


Catwoman's mayoral campaign is in full swing - part of her plan to steal Manhattan, by getting elected to the job where that's possible - when Gunhawk tries to murder her! He fails when she creates smoke to obscure the campaign office. Later she defeats a pair of amateurish killers and then Lady Vic (who was disguised as one of her assistants. They're being sent by mob forces disinterested in having an outsider in the big chair. And... the Securities and Exchange Commission is interested in how she made so much money. Their best man, Finnian, is determined to unravel that mystery.