Catwoman, Vol. 2 #73

No Man's Land - Ms. Direction

Oct 1999
Action, Adventure, Super-Heroes
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Comic | 32 pages | $1.99

The explosion has let in the water and the tunnel is flooding. Catwoman and her assailants reach the end to find it blocked by a floodgate; all of them need to work together to open this. Catwoman then enlists these men to help her retreive what Batman sent her to get. They reach Manhattan and disguise themselves as a Countess Agnora (one of the men) and her party. Selina takes a bath while she plans the retrieval, learning the computer discs are protected by "Hardcases, Inc." Each member is ex-military and each has a metahuman ability. She approaches them as "Ileana Goodbody" from Wayne Enterprises, but the Hardcases find no record of such a person, and the discs were not to be seen except by Bruce Wayne. And she warns them that Catwoman is after the discs, then leaves. Vin Nastacio allows she has moxie; he's sure "Ileana" was actually Catwoman. Using a helicopter, her men, and several street gangers, Catwoman distracts the Hardcases while she liberates the discs. Nastacio sees all this, but can't stop Catwoman and when the police arrive, she and her people are nowhere around. He reveals that he switched the discs and the ones Catwoman took are fakes. But his mand Duster has the ability to know an object's history by touch, and tells them the discs they have aren't the correct ones - Catwoman outguessed them and managed to lift the real discs. Now Nastascio is after her with murder in his eye...

Creators View all

Writer John Ostrander
Penciller Jim Balent
Inker Marlo Alquiza
Colorist Roberta Tewes
Letterer Albert De Guzman
Cover Artist Jim Balent
Editor Joseph Illidge, Denny O'Neil

Characters View all

Catwoman (Selina Kyle)
Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Billy Wu
Eddie Conway
Natasha White
Rosalie Hernandez
Vin Nastacio