Chew: The Omnivore Edition #3HC

Collects Chew (2009) #21-30 and Chew: Secret Agent Poyo (2012) #1, Chew Omnivore Edition

Mar 2013
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Fiction, Horror, Mature, Science Fiction
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Omnivore Hardcover Edition
Hardcover | 288 pages | $34.99

Anthony and Antonelle Chu are fraternal twins. Tony and Toni. Each with their an extraordinary, albeit diametrically opposed, ability. Tony is Cibopathic, able to get psychic sensations of the past of anything he bites into or ingests. Toni is Cibovoyant, able to flash onto a vision of the future of any living thing she bites into or ingests. They are both federal investigators, and this is the story of some of their strangest, sickest and most bizarre cases. Collects CHEW 21-30 plus CHEW: SECRET AGENT POYO

Creators View all

Writer John Layman
Artist Rob Guillory
Colorist Rob Guillory, Taylor Wells
Letterer John Layman
Cover Artist Rob Guillory

Characters View all

Al Bundy
Chapel (Bruce Stinson)
Witchblade (Sara Pezzini)
John Colby
D-Bear (Deshawn Berry)
Mike Applebee
Daniel Cornblum
Amelia Mintz
Chow Chu
Spawn (Jim Downing)
Caesar Valenzano
Olive Chu
Rosemary Chu-Shen
Tang Shen
Dan Franks
Barnabas Cremini
Paneer Sharma
Jacob Butterfield
Angus Hinterwald
Judy Heinz-Campbell
ShadowHawk (Eddie Collins)
Savage Dragon (Kurr Dragon)
Ray Jack (Raymond James Montero)
Tony (Anthony J. Chu)
Agent Savoy (Mason Savoy)
Agent Vorhees (Vorhees)
Director Penya (Penya)
Toni (Antonelle 'Toni' Chu)
Agent Buttercup (Buttercup)
Herschel Brown
Quindim Buongiovanni
Matt Carroway
Lt. Mello (Marshall Mello)
Nurse Mulligan (Mulligan)
Secret Agent Poyo (Poyo)