Convergence: Infinity Inc #2B


Rel: May 27, 2015 - Pub: May 2015
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Chip Kidd w/ Jerry Ordway Variant Cover
Comic | 32 pages | $3.99

STARRING HEROES FROM CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS! Jade, Obsidian, Nuklon and the rest of the Infinity Inc. team try to prove that they deserve their place among the Earth-2 heroes as they fight the post-apocalyptic Jonah Hex! This extra-sized issue includes a sneak peek at what's coming up in the DC Universe!

Creators View all

Writer Jerry Ordway
Penciller June Brigman, Ben Caldwell
Inker Roy Richardson
Colorist Veronica Gandini
Letterer Rob Leigh
Cover Penciller Jerry Ordway
Cover Inker Mike Machlan
Cover Colorist Chip Kidd

Characters View all

Green Lantern (Alan Scott)
Northwind (Norda Cantrell)
Hawkman (Carter Hall)
Jonah Hex
Jade (Jennifer-Lynn Hayden)
Flash (Jay Garrick)
Silver Scarab (Earth-2) (Hector Hall)
Fury (Hippolyta 'Lyta' Trevor-Hall)
Obsidian (Todd Rice)
Brainwave Jr. (Henry King Jr.)
Atom-Smasher (Albert Rothstein)
Star-Spangled Kid (Sylvester Pemberton)
Dr. Fate (Kent Nelson)