Green Lanterns #4B

Rage Planet, Part 4

Oct 2016 / Emanuela Lupacchino Variant Cover
Modern Age / USA / English
Comic / 32 pages / $2.99

Creators — View More ↓

WriterSam Humphries
PencillerEd Benes, Tom Derenick
InkerMark Irwin, Marc Deering
LettererTravis Lanham
Cover ArtistEmanuela Lupacchino
Cover ColoristTomeu Morey
EditorEddie Berganza, Mike Cotton
PencillerRobson Rocha
InkerRob Hunter, Jay Leisten, Vicente Cifuentes, Tom Palmer Jr.
EditorAndrew Marino

Characters — View More ↓

Red Lantern (Zilius Zox)
Green Lantern (Simon Baz)
Sira Baz
Red Lantern (Atrocitus)
Red Lantern (Dex-Starr)
Red Lantern (Fury-6)
Red Lantern (Haggor)
Red Lantern (Skallox)
Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz)
Nazir Amar


'Red Planet' part four! There's no escaping the rage that grows around the world, as new Green Lanterns Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz confront Bleez. But with no training, no backup and no way out, the Green Lantern Corps partners also find themselves out of options.