Wonder Woman, Vol. 5 #35A

Times Past, Jason

Rel: Nov 22, 2017 - Pub: Jan 2018
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Bryan Hitch Regular Cover
Comic | 36 pages | $2.99

"TIMES PAST" part two! Raised on the Grecian isles, Wonder Woman's long-hidden brother, Jason, tried to lead a simple life, running away from his birthright. But when Darkseid's daughter, Grail, learns of his existence, will he be ready for the chaos she brings with her?

Creators View all

Writer James Robinson
Penciller Emanuela Lupacchino
Inker Ray McCarthy
Colorist Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Letterer Saida Temofonte
Cover Artist Bryan Hitch
Cover Colorist Alex Sinclair
Editor Chris Conroy, Andrew Marino

Characters View all

Olympian (Aristides Demetrios)
Gole (Deep Six)
Jaffar (Deep Six)
Kurin (Deep Six)
Shaligo (Deep Six)
Slig (Deep Six)
Trok (Deep Six)
Wonder Woman (Diana)
Hercules (Heracles / Herakles)