Deadpool, Vol. 2 #34

Chapter X, Verse One: Sending In the Clowns

Rel: Nov 1999 - Pub: Nov 1999
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Comic | $1.99

Chapter X Verse One: Send in the Clowns - Written by Christopher Priest. Art by Gus Vasquez, Paco Diaz, Chris DiBari, Rodney Ramos and Jon Holdredge. Cover pencils by Dan Norton. New writer Christopher Priest checks into the Hellhouse for a revealing tale of mercenary madness! Deadpool clings to life as his cancer, deadly enemies and chronic halitosis come back with a vengeance! The only key to his survival is buried in his past, and to get it, he'll have to relive horrific events worse than the Weapon X program! Join us on this twisted trip and learn the secrets of Wade Wilson's hidden powers, his employment with the Kingpin and the mind-blowing identity of 'Pool's parents! 40 pages, full color. Cover price $1.99.

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Writer Christopher Priest
Penciller Paco Diaz
Cover Penciller Dan Norton

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Deadpool (Wade Wilson)