Deathstroke, Vol. 4 #11B


Rel: Jan 25, 2017 - Pub: Mar 2017
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Variant Shane Davis Cover
Comic | 32 pages | $2.99

"CHICAGO"! Jack Ryder, a.k.a. the Creeper, investigates a series of murders in Chicago...and comes face to face with Deathstroke, the World's Deadliest Assassin. Christopher Priest is joined by guest artists Denys Cowan and Bill Sienkiewicz for an unflinching look at gun violence in America. RATED T+

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Writer Christopher Priest
Penciller Denys Cowan
Inker Bill Sienkiewicz
Colorist Jeromy Cox
Letterer Willie Schubert
Cover Penciller Shane Davis
Cover Inker Michelle Delecki
Cover Colorist Alex Sinclair
Editor Marie Javins, Alex Antone, Brittany Holzherr

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Creeper (Jack Ryder)
Deathstroke (Slade Wilson)