Detective Comics

Detective Comics, Vol. 1 #776

Orphan / Spore, Part 1

Jan 2003
Action, Adventure, Crime, Super-Heroes
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Comic | 56 pages | $2.75

Members of Johnny Gilmore's gang are dying. The hits look like they were made by rival gangs, but Batman suspects that a policeman, formerly undercover, has gone rogue looking for some payback. Now he hunts for the former-cop before Gilmore's hoods can find him.

Creators View all

Writer Paul Bolles, J.C. Gagne
Artist Michel Gagne
Penciller Will Rosado
Inker Bob Wiacek
Colorist Jason Wright
Letterer Todd Klein
Separator Wildstorm FX
Cover Artist Brian Ewing
Editor Matt Idelson, Nachie Castro, Michael Wright, Bob Schreck
Editor in Chief Jenette Kahn

Characters View all

Leslie Thompkins
Michael Akins
James 'Jim' Gordon
James Patrick O'Dell
Johnny Gilmore
Batman (Bruce Wayne)