Dollface #1G

Action Lab
Danger Zone
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Variant Blank Sketch Cover
Comic | 32 pages | $4.99

Debuting at Halloween ComicFest, creators Bryan Seaton and Dan Mendoza (Zombie Tramp) unleash the all-new breakout character DollFace in her own ongoing series with issues 1 & 2 combined into this special double-sized issue! In the town of Boston, a witch-hunter lurks among the shadows, but this witch-hunter is like none you've ever seen. She is Lila, a 17th century soul that has been transported into present time and into the body of a life size, ball jointed doll, created by a couple of MIT students trying to use technology and a 3D printer to create the perfect women. Join in this super-sized debut issue and learn how she came to be known as DollFace, the ball jointed witch hunter. Retailer exclusive coves are also available, please contact

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Plotter Dan Mendoza, Bryan Seaton
Scripter Dan Mendoza
Artist Dan Mendoza
Colorist Dan Mendoza, Valentina Pucci
Letterer Adam Wollet
Editor in Chief Shawn Gabborin