Doom Patrol, Vol. 6 #8A

Doom Patrol

Nada, Nothing Matters

Nov 2017 / Regular Nick Derington Cover
Modern Age / USA / English
Comic / 32 pages / $3.99


WriterGerard Way
PencillerNick Darington
InkerTom Fowler
ColoristTamra Bonvillain
LettererTodd Klein
Cover ArtistNick Derington
EditorJamie S. Rich, Maggie Howell

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Negative Man (Larry Trainor)
Robotman (Cliff Steele)
Crazy Jane (Kay Challis)
Danny the Street
Flex Mentallo
Casey Brinke
Sam Reynolds
Terry None
Lucius Reynolds


What is S**t, and why is everyone eating it? Cliff doesn't like it, but Casey can't get enough. Sure, Cliff doesn't like a lot of stuff, but that doesn't mean he's wrong to be suspicious this time around. Meanwhile, we find out where Lotion the cat got off to, and how his journey has changed him. Life on the streets has made him an entirely different animal!