Dungeons & Dragons: Frost Giants Fury #2A

Modern Age / USA / English
Comic / 32 pages / $3.99


WriterJim Zub
ArtistNetho Diaz
InkerGlauber Matos, Jb Neto
ColoristNeil Uyetake
LettererThiago Ribeiro
Cover ArtistMax Dunbar
Cover ColoristJohn-Paul Bove
EditorDavid Hedgecock, David Mariotte
Editor in ChiefDavid Hedgecock


The town of Fireshear is a safe haven for our adventurers, or, it would be if it wasn't under attack by a frost giant raiding party! Get your hamsters ready, it's time for battle! •   Dungeons & Dragons is seeing a renaissance with the release of the fifth edition rules in late 2014. Hundreds of thousands of players are returning to D&D or embarking on their first adventures and they're hungry for extra content. •   This new D&D story ties into the Storm King's Thunder event that runs across multiple RPG products, novels, and video games. •   This series continues with the cast from the hit Legends of Baldur's Gate and Shadows of the Vampire stories, but is also built as a perfect jumping on point for new readers, bringing them into D&D's classic blend of sword & sorcery adventure.