Earth 2: Society #22

Life After Death

May 2017
Modern Age / USA / English
Comic / 32 pages / $2.99


WriterDan Abnett
ArtistVicente Cifuentes
ColoristRex Lokus
LettererTravis Lanham
Cover ArtistBruno Redondo
Cover ColoristAlejandro Sanchez
EditorRob Levin, Jim Chadwick

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Flash (Earth-2) (Jay Garrick)
Green Lantern (Earth-2) (Alan Scott)
Power Girl (Earth-2) (Kara / Karen Zor-L / Starr)
Hawkgirl (Earth-2) (Kendra Munoz-Saunders)
Red Tornado (Earth-2) (Lois Lane)
Superman (Earth-2) (Val-Zod)
Fury (Earth-2) (Donna)
Sergeant Steel (Earth-2)
Batman (Earth-2) (Helena Wayne)
Oracle (Earth-2) (Dick Grayson)
Robin (Earth-2) (John Grayson)


In this series finale, a new dawn rises on Earth-2. After a terrible struggle, the Wonders have restored their world, better than ever. Can they become the new heroes and caretakers the reborn planet needs to protect it from future threats? And what of the price they paid for peace - what is the final fate of the Earth-2 Batman and his legacy?