Earth X Trilogy Omnibus: Alpha

Rel: Sep 2018 - Pub: Sep 2018
Action, Adventure, Super-Heroes
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Hardcover | 1304 pages | $125.00

Comic-art master Alex Ross offers his dark vision of the Marvel Universe's future - together with writer Jim Krueger, and artists John Paul Leon and Doug Braithwaite! The saga begins in a world where everyone has super-powers - and Reed Richards sets out to cure a calamity he fears he may have caused. Meanwhile, a battle-weary Captain America struggles to defeat a horrific new enemy of freedom, and Celestial forces beyond comprehension threaten a fate that only the Watcher suspects. Could it be that Earth itself is doomed - or can a new generation of heroes, including the legendary Mar-Vell reborn, save humanity? Brace yourself for bold reimaginings of the Avengers, X-Men, Inhumans, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man and more! Collecting EARTH X #0-12, #1/2, #X, EPILOGUE and SKETCHBOOK; and UNIVERSE X #0-12, #X, 4, SPIDEY, CAP, BEASTS, IRON MEN and OMNIBUS. Rated T+

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Writer Alex Ross, Jim Krueger
Plotter Alex Ross, Jim Krueger
Scripter Jim Krueger
Artist Bill Reinhold, Brent E. Anderson, Alex Ross, Brent Eric Anderson
Penciller Ron Randall, John Stanisci, Jackson 'Butch' Guice, Doug Braithwaite, John Paul Leon, Brent E. Anderson, Alex Ross, John Romita Sr, Tom Yeates
Inker John Totleben, Al Williamson, Will Blyberg, Ron Randall, Bill Reinhold, John Paul Leon, Tom Palmer Sr., Alex Ross, Tom Yeates, Robin Riggs, Al Milgrom
Colorist Pete Pantazis, Matt Hollingsworth, Marie Javins, Nick Bell, Peter Pantazis, Laura DePuy-Martin, Melissa Edwards, James Sinclair, Linda Reinhold
Letterer Todd Klein
Cover Artist Alex Ross
Editor Marie Javins, Michael Raicht, Polly Watson, Mike Marts
Editor in Chief Bob Harras, Harras Bob, Joe Quesada
Cover Painter Alex Ross

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Venom (Earth-9997) (May Parker)
Adam (Earth-9997) (Adam Warlock)
Black Bolt (Earth-9997) (Blackagar Boltagon)
Captain America (Earth-9997) (Steve Rogers)
Captain Marvel (Earth-9997) (Mar-Vell)
Daredevil (Earth-9997) (Matt Murdock)
Dr. Doom (Earth-9997) (Victor von Doom)
Dr. Strange (Earth-9997) (Stephen Strange)
Eve (Earth-9997) (Ayesha)
Karnak (Earth-9997)
Peter Parker (Earth-9997)
Phoenix (Earth-9997) (Jean Grey)
Punisher (Earth-9997) (Frank Castle)
Quicksilver (Earth-9997) (Pietro Maximoff)
Adolf Hitler (Earth-9997)
Alicia Masters (Earth-9997)
Angel (Earth-9997) (Warren Wothington III)
Anubis (Earth-9997) (Anpu)
Atlas (Earth-9997) (Erik Josten)
Beast (Earth-9997) (Henry 'Hank' McCoy)
Brute that Walks (Earth-9997) (Howard Avery)
Bucky (Earth-9997) (James Buchanan Barnes)
Captain Marvel [Earth-9997] (Mar-Vell)
Celestials (Earth-9997)
Colossus (Earth-9997) (Peter Rasputin)
Conan (Earth-9997)
Cyclops (Earth-9997) (Scott Summers)
Deadpool (Earth-9997) (Wade Wilson)
Deviants (Earth-9997)
Dr. Octopus (Earth-9997) (Otto Octavius)
Eternals (Earth-9997)
Gabe Jones (Earth-9997)
Galactus (Earth-9997)
Gambit (Earth-9997) (Remy LeBeau)
Giant-Man (Earth-9997) (Hank Pym)
Giganto (Earth-9997)
Gigantus (Earth-9997)
Gorgon (Earth-9997)
Hawkeye (Earth-9997) (Clint Barton)
Hercules (Earth-9997) (Heracles Panhellenios)
Him (Earth-9997) (Adam Warlock)
Horus (Earth-9997)
Hulk (Earth-9997) (Robert Bruce Banner)
Human Torch (Earth-9997) (Jim Hammond)
Human Torch (Earth-9997) (Johnny Storm)
Iceman (Earth-9997) (Robert 'Bobby' Drake)
Invisible Girl (Earth-9997) (Susan Storm-Richards)
Iron Man (Earth-9997) (Tony Stark)
Jolt (Earth-9997) (Helen Takahama)
Jubilee (Earth-9997) (Jubilation Lee)
Kid Colt [Earth-9997] (Blaine Colt)
Kingpin [Earth-9997] (Wilson Fisk)
Kraa the Unhuman (Earth-9997)
Kree Sentries (Earth-9997)
Loki (Earth-9997) (Loki Laufeyson)
Magneto [Earth-9997] (Magnus / Max Eisenhardt)
Mandarin (Earth-9997)
Man-Wolf (Earth-9997) (John Jameson)
Marvel Girl (Earth-9997) (Jean Grey)
Medusa (Earth-9997) (Medusalith Amaquelin)
Moonstar (Earth-9997) (Danielle Moonstar)
Mr. Fantastic (Earth-9997) (Reed Richards)
Nick Fury (Earth-9997)
Nightcrawler (Earth-9997) (Kurt Wagner)
Odin (Earth-9997) (Odin Borson)
Phantom Rider (Earth-9997) (Carter Slade)
Phineas T. Horton (Earth-9997)
Professor X (Earth-9997) (Charles Xavier)
Rawhide Kid (Earth-9997) (Jonathan Clay)
Red Skull (Earth-9997) (Johann Shmidt)
Rommbu (Earth-9997)
Scarlet Witch (Earth-9997) (Wanda Maximoff)
Silver Surfer (Earth-9997) (Norrin Radd)
Siryn (Earth-9997) (Theresa Cassidy)
Skrulls (Earth-9997)
Spider-Man (Earth-9997) (Peter Parker)
Spragg (Earth-9997)
Storm (Earth-9997) (Ororo Munroe)
Sunspot (Earth-9997) (Roberto da Costa)
Lizard (Earth-9997) (Curt Connors)
Sub-Mariner (Earth-9997) (Namor McKenzie)
Thing (Earth-9997) (Ben Grimm)
Watcher (Earth-9997) (X-51 / Aaron Stack)
Watcher (Earth-9997) (Uatu)
Thor (Earth-9997) (Thor Odinson)
Dum-Dum' Dugan (Earth-9997)
Titan (Earth-9997)
Toro (Earth-9997) (Thomas Raymond)
Triton (Earth-9997)
Two-Gun Kid (Earth-9997) (Matthew Hawk)
Warpath (Earth-9997) (James Proudstar)
Wasp (Earth-9997) (Janet van Dyne)
Wolverine (Earth-9997) (Logan)
X (Earth-9997)
X-51 (Earth-9997) (Aaron Stack)
Zeus (Earth-9997) (Zeus Panhellenios)
Abraham Erskine (Earth-9997)
Tony Stark (Earth-9997)
Black Panther (Earth-9997) (T'Challa)
Bolt (Earth-9997) (Pietro)
Crimson Sage (Earth-9997) (Wanda)
Falcon (Earth-9997) (Sam Wilson)
Green Goblin (Earth-9997) (Norman Osborn)
Hydra (Earth-9997) (Eugene Judd)
Hydra (Earth-9997) (Frederick J. Dukes)
Hydra (Earth-9997) (Jessica Drew)
Hydra (Earth-9997) (Sam Wilson)
Hydra (Earth-9997) (Sharon Carter)
Hydra (Earth-9997) (Timothy 'Dum-Dum' Dugan)
Hydra (Earth-9997) (Valentina Allegra de Fontaine)
Luke Cage (Earth-9997)
Luna (Earth-9997) (Luna Maximoff)
Monolith (Earth-9997) (Hank)
Queen Hydra (Earth-9997) (Jennifer Walters)
Redwing (Earth-9997)
Redwing (Earth-9997) (Wyatt Wingfoot)
Steelbow (Earth-9997) (Clint)
Sting (Earth-9997) (Jan)
Watcher (Earth-9997) (Aaron Stack)
Vision (Earth-9997)
Alicia Masters-Grimm (Earth-9997)
Buzz Grimm (Earth-9997)
Charmer (Earth-9997)
Chuck Grimm (Earth-9997)
Crystal (Earth-9997) (Crystalia Amaquelin)
Daredevil (Earth-9997)
Dr. Doom (Earth-9997) (Reed Richards)
Dogface (Earth-9997)
Domino (Earth-9997) (Neena Thurman)
Double-Header (Earth-9997)
Franklin Richards (Earth-9997)
Iron Maiden (Earth-9997) (Karen)
Jade Dragon (Earth-9997)
Maximus the Mad (Earth-9997)
Mermaid (Earth-9997)
Namor the Cursed (Earth-9997) (Namor McKenzie)
Omega (Earth-9997) (Michael Starling)
Sandman (Earth-9997) (William Baker)
Thing (Earth-9997) (Benjamin 'Ben' Grimm)
Tower (Earth-9997)
Watcher (X-51 / Aaron Stack)
Dorma (Earth-9997)
Feral (Earth-9997) (Maria Callasantos)
Jack of Hearts (Earth-9997) (Jonathan Hart)
Leonard McKenzie (Earth-9997)
Magneto (Earth-9997) (Magnus / Max Eisenhardt)
Plantman (Earth-9997) (Samuel Smithers)
Princess Fen (Earth-9997)
Spiders Man (Earth-9997)
Texas Jack (Earth-9997) (Jack Muldoon)
Skull (Earth-9997) (Benjamin Beckley)
Wizard (Earth-9997)
Tiger Shark (Earth-9997) (Todd Arliss)
Warlord Krang (Earth-9997)
Woodgod (Earth-9997)
Ani-Men (Earth-9997)
Banner (Earth-9997) (Robert Bruce Banner)
Black Panther (Earth-9997) (Bashenga)
Black Panther (Earth-9997) (T'Chaka)
Harpy (Earth-9997) (Betty Ross)
Hydra (Earth-9997)
Sorceress Supreme (Earth-9997) (Clea)
Ulysses Klaw (Earth-9997)
Wong (Earth-9997)
Ant-Man (Earth-9997) (Hank Pym)
Balder (Earth-9997) (Balder Odinson)
Corsair (Earth-9997) (Christopher Summers)
Executioner (Earth-9997) (Skurge)
Gorgon [Earth-9997]
Havok (Earth-9997) (Alex Summers)
Heimdall (Earth-9997)
Hogun (Earth-9997)
Hugin (Earth-9997)
Munin (Earth-9997)
Polaris (Earth-9997) (Lorna Dane)
Servo-Guards (Earth-9997)
Sif (Earth-9997)
Storm Giants (Earth-9997)
Thor (Earth-9997) (Donald Blake)
Volstagg (Earth-9997)
Anya Eisenhardt (Earth-9997)
Banshee (Earth-9997) (Sean Cassidy)
Cannonball (Earth-9997) (Sam Guthrie)
Colossus (Earth-9997) (Piotr 'Peter' Rasputin)
Gabrielle Haller (Earth-9997)
Magda Eisenhardt (Earth-9997)
Mastermind (Earth-9997) (Jason Wyngarde)
Mr. S (Earth-9997) (Scott Summers)
Norman Osborn (Earth-9997)
Psyche (Earth-9997) (Danielle Moonstar)
Sentinels (Earth-9997)
Sunfire (Earth-9997) (Shiro Yoshida)
Thunderbird (Earth-9997) (John Proudstar)
Toad (Earth-9997) (Mortimer Toynbee)
Wolfsbane (Earth-9997) (Rahne Sinclair)
Abomination (Earth-9997) (Emil Blonsky)
Aragorn (Earth-9997)
Baron Zemo (Earth-9997) (Heinrich Zemo)
Black Knight (Earth-9997) (Nathan Garrett)
Brian Banner (Earth-9997)
Doc Samson (Earth-9997) (Leonard Samson)
Easy Reader (Earth-9997) (E.Z. Reader)
Betty Ross (Earth-9997)
Fixer (Earth-9997) (Paul Norbert Ebersol)
Goliath (Earth-9997) (Erik Josten)
Kristine Saunders-Jameson (Earth-9997)
Moonstone (Earth-9997) (Karla Sofen)
Mr. Hyde (Earth-9997) (Calvin Zabo)
Night Nurse (Earth-9997) (Linda Carter)
Phoenix Force (Earth-9997)
Puck (Earth-9997) (Eugene Judd)
Rick Jones (Earth-9997)
She-Hulk (Earth-9997) (Jennifer Walters)
Spider-Woman (Earth-9997) (Jessica Drew)
Thunderbolt Ross (Earth-9997)
Leader (Earth-9997) (Samuel Sterns)
Dum-Dum Dugan (Earth-9997)
Valentina Allegra de Fontaine (Earth-9997)
Wonder Man (Earth-9997) (Simon Williams)
Black Widow (Earth-9997)
Crimson Dynamo (Earth-9997)
Gwen Stacy (Earth-9997)
J. Jonah Jameson (Earth-9997)
Ka-Zar (Earth-9997) (Kevin Plunder)
Mary Jane Watson (Earth-9997)
Montana (Earth-9997) (Jackson Brice)
Nick Fury's Life-Model-Decoy (Earth-9997)
Ox (Earth-9997) (Raymond Bloch)
Red Guardians (Earth-9997)
Seven Silver Samurai (Earth-9997)
Shanna the She-Devil (Earth-9997) (Shanna O'Hara Plunder)
Sunfire (Earth-9997) (Sonfire)
Venom Symbiote (Earth-9997)
Vulture (Earth-9997) (Adrian Toomes)
Alpha Primitives (Earth-9997)
Black Knight (Earth-9997) (Ahura Boltagon)
Black Knight (Earth-9997) (Dane Whitman)
Dragon Man (Earth-9997)
Eson the Searcher (Earth-9997)
Fancy Dan (Earth-9997) (Daniel Brito)
Gammenon the Gatherer (Earth-9997)
Jemiah the Analyzer (Earth-9997)
King Britain (Earth-9997) (Brian Braddock)
Lockjaw (Earth-9997)
Meggan (Earth-9997) (Meggan Puceanu)
Spitfire (Earth-9997) (Jacqueline Falsworth)
Union Jacks (Earth-9997)
Arishem the Judge (Earth-9997)
Hargen the Measurer (Earth-9997)
Jay Jameson (Earth-9997)
Nezarr the Calculator (Earth-9997)
One Above All (Earth-9997)
Oneg the Prober (Earth-9997)
Tefral the Surveyor (Earth-9997)
Ziran the Tester (Earth-9997)
Fandral (Earth-9997)
Hela (Earth-9997)
Silver Surfer (Earth-9997) (Shalla-Bal)
A.I.M. (Earth-9997) (Advanced Idea Mechanics)
Berthold Sternberg (Earth-9997)
Clay Quartermain (Earth-9997)
Dino Manelli (Earth-9997)
Dormammu (Earth-9997)
Galactus (Earth-9997) (Franklin Richards)
Izzy Cohen (Earth-9997)
M.O.D.O.K. (Earth-9997) (George Tarleton)
Madame Hydra (Earth-9997) (Ophelia Sarkissian)
Mockingbird (Earth-9997) (Barbara 'Bobbi' Morse)
Nick Fury's Life-Model-Decoy
Pinky Pinkerton (Earth-9997)
Rebel Ralston (Earth-9997)
Scorpio (Earth-9997) (Jacob Fury)
Wolfgang von Strucker
Yellow Claw (Earth-9997) (Plan Chu)
Watchman (Earth-9997) (X-51 / Aaron Stack)