Eerie Cuties

Rel: Jul 2018 - Pub: Jul 2018
Pixie Trix Comix
Action, Adult, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Comic | 48 pages | $5.99

This is a collection of stories done for Pixie Trix Comix’s popular webcomics series, Eerie Cuties and Magic Chicks. The stories were written by David Lumsdon with art by with my Die Kitty Die colleague Dan Parent or myself. The cover and my stories were colored by my regular colorist, the talented Anwar Hanano. These stories were done as stretch goals during Pixie Trix Comix’s very popular and ultra-successful Kickstarter campaigns. This is the only volume where these stories have been collected in print.

Eerie Cuties: Freaky Frights is a 48 page full color comic book that includes all the new short stories we did in Eerie Cuties and Magick Chicks that never saw print: Tiffany Winters in Siren Brawl, Ace Wolfhart in I was a Teen-aged Were-girl, Tia & Me, Eerie BBQties, The Hellrune Twins in Kids Slay the Darndest Things, and Maul in the Family.

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Writer Dan Parent, David Lumsdon
Artist Gisele Lagace, Gisele Lagace, Fernando Ruiz
Colorist Anwar Hanano