Eternal Warrior, Vol. 2 #1E

Sword of the Wild, Part 1

Rel: Sep 11, 2013 - Pub: Sep 2013
Valiant Comics
Action, Adventure, Super-Heroes
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Cvr E Gold Cover Var Crain
Comic | 32 pages | $3.99

New York Times best-selling writer Greg Pak (Batman/Superman, Planet Hulk) and superstar artist Trevor Hairsine (X-O Manowar, X-Men: Deadly Genesis) launch a brand new campaign for Valiant’s immortal champion, the Eternal Warrior, in an all-new monthly series!

Across ten millennia and a thousand battlefields, Gilad Anni-Padda has traversed the darkest, most mysterious corners of history. But the horror and bloodshed of constant warfare has finally taken its toll on the man myth calls the Eternal Warrior…and he has abdicated his duties as the Fist and the Steel of Earth for a quiet life of seclusion. But when a blood vendetta from the distant past suddenly reappears in the modern day, he must decide if he will return to the ways of war…for the child who betrayed him thousands of years ago…

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Writer Greg Pak
Artist Trevor Hairsine
Inker Trevor Hairsine
Colorist Brian Reber
Letterer Simon Bowland