Everafter: From The Pages Of Fables #11

The Unsentimental Education, Whisper to a Scream

Sep 2017
Modern Age / USA / English
Comic / 32 pages / $3.99


WriterDave Justus, Lilah Sturges
ArtistTravis Moore
ColoristMichael Wiggam
LettererTodd Klein
Cover ArtistTula Lotay
EditorJamie S. Rich, Maggie Howell

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Conner Wolf (Fables)
Peter Piper (Fables)
Bo Peep (Fables)
Feathertop (Fables)
Ayesha (Fables)
Thomas (Fables)
Tanner (Fables) (Inola Tanner)
Kara Bass (Fables)


The Shadow Players are fractured and under siege by some of the Lone Star State's darkest legends! Connor spills his guts to La Llorona, Bo tries not to get rammed and Peter bites off more pain than he can swallow while he searches for ancient artifacts! Meanwhile, back at Plano South, the rest of the crew gets an education from the mysterious Kara Bass in this arc's pulse-pounding penultimate chapter!