Fables HC: The Deluxe Edition #15HC

Collects Fables (2002) #141-150, Book Fifteen

Nov 2017
Adventure, Anthology, Fantasy, Mature, Thriller
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Deluxe Edition
Hardcover | 384 pages | $39.99

This hardcover concludes the sweeping FABLES saga, collecting issues #141-150 with a new introduction by writer Bill Willingham and a special sketchbook section by artist Mark Buckingham. The end of the Fables world looms as an epic battle brews between Snow White and Rose Red. Will Rose Red follow fairy-tale tradition and betray Snow once more? And what role will Bigby Wolf play in their rift?

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Writer Matthew Sturges, Bill Willingham
Artist Bryan Talbot, Jae Lee, Shawn McManus, Laura Allred, Mark Buckingham, Aaron Alexovich, David Petersen, Andrew Pepoy, Mark Schultz, Gene Ha, Lee Garbett, Steve Leialoha, Joëlle Jones, Teddy H. Kristiansen, Terry Dodson, Eric Shanower, Tony Akins, Rachel Dodson, David Hahn, Lan Medina, Teddy Kristiansen, Peter Gross, Chrissie Zullo, Neal Adams, Niko Henrichon, Bill Willingham, Russ Braun, Michael Allred, Terry Moore, Megan Levens, José Marzán, Jr., Mark Farmer, Dan Green, Andrew Dalhouse
Penciller Mark Buckingham, Terry Dodson, Lan Medina
Inker Mark Buckingham, José Marzan Jr., Andrew Pepoy, Steve Leialoha, Rachel Dodson, Steve Leiahola, Mark Farmer, Dan Green
Colorist Andrew Dalhouse, Lee Loughridge, Laura Allred, Terry Dodson, June Chung
Letterer Todd Klein
Layouts Mark Buckingham, Peter Gross
Cover Artist Daniel Dos Santos, Nimit Malavia
Editor Rowena Yow, Shelly Bond, June Chung

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Beauty (Fables)
Pinocchio (Fables)
Rodney Greenwood (Fables)
Rose Red (Fables)
Frankenstein (Fables)
Cinderella (Fables)
Prince Charming (Fables)
Reynard (Fables)
Bigby Wolf (Fables)
Geppetto (Fables)
Beast (Fables)
Snow White (Fables)
Weyland Smith (Fables)
Grimble (Fables)
Sinbad (Fables)
Frau Totenkinder (Fables)
Flycatcher (Fables) (Ambrose)
Boy Blue (Fables)
Gary (Fables) (Pathetic Fallacy)
Stinky (Fables)
Sam (Fables)
Babe The Blue Ox (Fables)
Ozma (Fables)
Hope (Fables)
Red Riding Hood (Fables)
Winter Wolf (Fables)
Conner Wolf (Fables)
Blossom Wolf (Fables)
Therese Wolf (Fables)
Ambrose Wolf (Fables)
Darien Wolf (Fables)
Bliss (Fables)
Snow Queen (Fables) (Lumi)
Bad Sam (Fables)
Hadeon the Destroyer (Fables)
Jack of Fables (Fables)
Sleeping Beauty (Fables) (Briar Rose)
King Cole (Fables) (Roberon Cole)
Mrs. Sprat (Fables) (Leigh Duglas / Sprat)
Prince Brandish (Fables)
Santa Claus (Fables)
Mr. Wellstuffed (Fables)
Ghost (Fables)
Lady of the Lake (Fables) (Lake)
Clarathea (Fables)
Mrs. Green (Fables)
June Greenwood (Fables)
Junebug Greenwood (Fables)
Mr. Brump (Fables)
Mrs. Green (Fables) (Morgan)
Lancelot (Fables) (Lancelot du Lac)
Queen Maeve (Fables)
Prospero [Fables]
Mr. Grandours (Fables)
Mother Birdie (Fables)
Baby Boo (Fables)
Cricket on the Hearth (Fables)
Magic Mirror (Fables)
Teddy Tumult (Fables)
Death (Fables)