Flash, Vol. 4 #51A

Under the Gun

Rel: May 04, 2016 - Pub: Jul 2016
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Regular Ivan Reis Cover
Comic | 32 pages | $3.99

The Flash's world is in utter chaos: he's wanted by the police, headed by his adoptive father. His enemies, The Rogues, have been deputized to take him in. And it couldn't be a worse time for The Riddler to stake his claim as the most dangerous man in Central City!

Creators View all

Writer Van Jensen
Artist Joe Eisma, Gus Vazquez
Colorist Guy Major
Letterer Patrick Brosseau
Cover Penciller Ivan Reis
Cover Inker Joe Prado
Cover Colorist Alex Sinclair
Editor Brian Cunningham, Amedeo Turturro

Characters View all

Pied Piper (Hartley Rathaway)
Heat Wave (Mick Rory)
Golden Glider (Lisa Snart)
Flash (Barry Allen)
Iris West
Captain Cold (Leonard Snart)
Mirror Master (Sam Scudder)
Wally West
Trickster (Axel Walker)
Darryl Frye
Henry Allen
Weather Wizard (Marco Mardon)
Riddler (Edward Nygma)