Flash, Vol. 5 #38A

A Cold Day In Hell, Finale

Rel: Jan 10, 2018 - Pub: Mar 2018
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Regular Barry Kitson Cover
Comic | 36 pages | $2.99

"A Cold Day in Hell" finale! The Flash and an unlikely ally must discover who is behind the death of one of the Rogues before the murderer strikes again! But Flash is trapped inside of Iron Heights with one person blocking his exit: Captain Cold! RATED T

Creators View all

Writer Joshua Williamson
Artist Scott Kolins
Colorist Hi-Fi Colour Design
Letterer Steve Wands
Cover Artist Barry Kitson
Cover Colorist Hi-Fi Colour Design
Editor Rebecca Taylor, Andrew Marino

Characters View all

Kid Flash (Wally West)
Amanda Waller
Heat Wave (Mick Rory)
Golden Glider (Lisa Snart)
Flash (Barry Allen)
Iris West
Captain Cold (Leonard Snart)
Mirror Master (Sam Scudder)
Trickster (Axel Walker)
Weather Wizard (Marco Mardon)
Godspeed (August Heart)
Director David Singh, CCPD
Kristen Kramer, CCPD
Warden Gregory Wolfe