Free Comic Book Day 2009 (Savage Dragon) ##148


Rel: May 02, 2009 - Pub: May 2009
Action, Adventure, Super-Heroes
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Free Comic Book Day 2009 Edition
Comic | 28 pages

Upon hearing that the Dragon has returned to Chicago's police force, the new Vicious Circle has kidnapped his kids in an attempt o take him out of the game. While he's interrogating thugs on the city's streets, he gains the assistance of Daredevil. Enlisting the aid of the Little Wise Guys, who were also imprisoned along with Daredevil by Solar Man, they begin combing the city.

Creators View all

Writer Erik Larsen
Artist Erik Larsen
Colorist Nikos Koutsis, Mike Toris
Letterer Tom Orzechowski
Cover Artist Erik Larsen
Editor Josh Eichorn

Characters View all

SuperPatriot (John Quincy Armstrong)
Rapture (Sharona Jackson)
Frank Darling
Dart (Jill August)
Cyberface (Sebastian Khan)
Barbaric (Barney Runningbear)
Ricochet (Rikki Shaefer)
Angel Murphy
Dart (Alison Summers)
Bud Ugly
Rock (Joe Manning)
Daredevil (Bart Hill)
Savage Dragon
Smasher (Jennifer Murphy)
Savage Dragon (Malcolm Eugene Jackson-Dragon)
Horridus (Sara Hill)
Mister Glum (Ba-Goom)
Darklord (Damien Farrell)
Solar Man