Free Comic Book Day 2017 (Doctor Who) #1A

Jun 2017 / Free Comic Book Day 2017 Edition
Modern Age / USA / English
Comic / 20 pages / $0.25

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WriterAlex Paknadel
ArtistPier Brito, Mariano Laclaustra
ColoristCarlos Cabrera, Brittany Peer
LettererJimmy Betancourt, Richard Starkings
EditorAmoona Saohin, Jessica Burton
Editor in ChiefAndrew James
ArtistNico Selma


Take a spin through the past, present, and future of Doctor Who universe, in the company of the twelfth Doctor and his brand-new companion, Bill! Featuring Bill's first Titan Comics appearance, this all-new story is an unmissable experience for fans new and old, with plenty of tantalising teases from Doctors past and present, including incredible clues to the year ahead for all of Titan's Doctor Who series! Keep your Sonic Screwdriver at the ready and unlock a world of adrenaline-fuelled time traveling adventure! [ALL AGES]