Free Comic Book Day 2017 (Spongebob: Freestyle Funnies) #1

May 2017
United Plankton Pictures
Children, Comedy
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Free Comic Book Day 2017 Edition
Comic | 28 pages | $0.25

It's No Charge Funny Book Day in Bikini Bottom, and Mr. Krabs leads SpongeBob and the entire Bikini Bottom gang through adventure and peril on a quest for free items! But will Mr. Krabs learn the true meaning of No Charge Funny Book Day? Also: Mermaid Man on patrol! Plankton explores a new world! And facts about waterspouts - the ocean's tornados! All with a wraparound cover tribute to Famous Funnies #1 (the first comic book ever made!) by Eisner nominee R. Sikoryak. [ALL AGES]

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Writer James Kochalka, Steven Stern, Robert Leighton, Jay Lender
Artist James Kochalka, Gregg Schigiel, Jacob Chabot, Nate Neal
Colorist Monica Kubina, Hi-Fi
Letterer Rob Leigh
Layouts Robert Leighton, Jay Lender
Cover Artist R. Sikoryak
Editor Chris Duffy