G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (IDW), Vol. 1 TP #1

Rel: Feb 09, 2011 - Pub: Feb 2011
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
1st Printing
Trade Paperback | 152 pages | $19.99

It's the comback fans have been waiting for: Larry Hama returns to G.I. JOE: American Hero! G.I. Joe has disbanded and COBRA wastes no time: Cobra Commander begins unfolding his sinister plan, activating sleeper agents all over Washington DC and convincing the United States to hire nationwide security from COBRA. First order of business: hunt down and eliminate G.I. JOE! Picking up where the original G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero comic book ended, Larry Hama and Agustin Padilla don't miss a beat in this thrilling adventure!

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Writer Larry Hama
Artist Agustin Padilla
Colorist J. Brown
Letterer Robbie Robbins, Neil Uyetake, Mowry, Chris