Robyn Hood: I Love NY #11A

Child Of Darkness

Apr 2017 / Josh Burns Cover
Modern Age / USA / English
Comic / 32 pages / $3.99

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PlotterJoe Brusha
ScripterLou Iovino
ArtistSergio Arino, Renato Rei
ColoristGrostieta, Federico Blee
LettererTaylor Esposito
Cover ArtistJosh Burns
EditorJessica Rossana
ArtistDavid Lorenzo Riveiro
ColoristJorge Cortes


CHILD OF DARKNESS Revenge can be a cancer, eating at your soul. Alina Rose knows this all too well. She's been harboring her hatred for Robyn since childhood, sharpening it like a blade. But the time to strike has finally arrived. And neither Robyn nor NYC can be prepared for what's going to happen.